CSD Medical Research UK is an expert in UK anonymous patient data for the healthcare industry. We supply data, analysis, train and support researchers in the use of primary care patient data, providing a wealth of information to healthcare professionals.

CSD Medical Research group supply international healthcare data and conduct epidemiological, health, economic and clinical studies worldwide.

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We can gain access to anonymised original medical records to confirm diagnoses.

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Recent publications:

Authors Hall GC & Hill F
Title: Descriptive investigation of the recording of influenza vaccination details on The Health Information Network database
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Authors Misra D, Zhang Y, Peloquin C, Choi HK, Kiel DP & Neogi T
Title: Incident long-term warfarin use and risk of osteoporotic fractures: propensity-score matched cohort of elders with new onset atrial fibrillation
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Being part of CSD Medical Research means we can provide access to data from 9m patients in Europe, Australia and Korea.

  • Practices587
  • Percentage coverage of UK in 2014 5.67%
  • Total patients12+ million
  • Active patients3.6 million
  • Number of patient years of computerised data85 million
  • Number of patient years from AMR date73 million
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